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10 Ways To Romantise Your Life

You live with yourself 27/7/365. You are your best friend! So many of us go through life spending a lot of time and energy on giving...

You live with yourself 27/7/365. You are your best friend! So many of us go through life spending a lot of time and energy on giving and being present with others that we forget to be there for ourselves. 


Leading a small business can be overwhelming and all the reasons seem good enough to capture my attention, but I have recently made a conscious decision to spend more intentional time with myself and I am excited to share with you a range of practises, rituals and routines that support me. 


We are able to fall in love and show deep compassion to others.

Let’s fall in love with who we are too.


Many of us have been taught to direct our love outward where altruism is prioritised above self-love. We often assume that a person spending a little time alone is lonely (or even selfish!). Self-care is not only about bubble baths and spa treatments. There are so many accessible, free and easy ways to incorporate more romance in your life.

Today we’re sharing our favourite easy, accessible, and totally game-changing tips for making the most of your life.


Intentional routines infused with mindfulness & presence

There’s no need to add yet another thing to your schedule. Bring patience and compassion to your already honed-in habits. For example, when working out bring attention to the parts of your body that are supporting you or when making your breakfast, pay attention to the smells and textures you are experiencing. This small awareness check has the power to add magic to the most mundane tasks.


Put your morning beverage in an inspiring mug

Dress up your morning beverage! Whatever you’re sipping on during the day, make it more fun with a special mug or cup you really enjoy. I am a big fan of hand-made pottery with pastel colours (especially the ones with very funky shapes). 


Take. Your. Time. Slow down gorgeous

How many times a day do you rush around just because this is what you do: you rush around. Give yourself the grace to slow down. Rushing around = cortisol going through the roof = no good for hormone balance. If you have to get something done or get somewhere, carve out the appropriate amount of time so you can enjoy and be present in what you are doing. 


Curate your own morning and evening routines like it's art

Geeking on the ins and outs of some of the most successful women’s morning routines is something I LOVE to do, 100%. And while they all have the same goal of feeling energised and grounded, they are all so different. So the conclusion here is: you do you boo. Design routines that YOU find inspiring. Ask yourself, does this feel good to me? It could be a bougie breakfast, energising movement, writing down your thoughts, the list goes on!


Date yourself (and treat yourself!)

I like this one. Let’s get clear on one thing: You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to a drink, a dinner or a gift. If your hot date deserves for you to get all dressed up, then so do you! Put on your favourite outfit, set the mood with some sensual lighting and enjoy your own presence. You can even play some get-to-know-you card games. Who knows, you might discover something about yourself you didn’t even know!


Add flowers to your decor

And this would probably mean go to your local market, which is such a romantic place to stroll through. Next time you go out, take a minute to look at the flowers and see which ones are inspiring to you. You will be able to enjoy your bundle for the days to come! When they are try, embrace your inner artists and do something creative with them!


Plan your best day (or trip) ever

Plan out your ultimate best Sunday. Use your senses - what do you see, hear, feel? This might look like treating yourself to a coffee or a tea before driving out to the beach! Spend some time with your journal, reflect and visualise what that perfect day looks like. If it’s possible for you to go do it then, fantastic! Otherwise, fold it and put it somewhere special for you to access later on.


Show yourself gratitude

Start thankfing yourself aloud. This might sound like another gratitude practise, but this goes deeper! This exercise allows you to start paying attention to how you speak to yourself, and set aside some time each day to say thank you (yes, to yourself).

Thank you for nourishing me with beautiful fruits and veggies from the market.

Thank you for trusting me, thank you for trusting that we can do this.

Thank you for putting your phone away and allowing me to sleep.

The possibilities are endless! I like to go through these while having my morning beverage.


Own your desires 

Whenever a friend comes up to us sharing they are trying something new we are supportive and positive. Do the same for yourself. Whether it’s a hobby or a career, start practicing and getting comfortable with owning what you do, and give yourself the credit you deserve.


Use your nice stuff

Ok, so you know that candle you’re keeping in the curbard because you’ve saving it for that ‘special’ occasion? Well, you are that special occasion! It’s interesting how many of us are hesitant to use the things that bring us excitement, joy, bliss! Burn your favourite candles! They are great ambiance setters. The same principle applies to all the other things you reserved for special occasions. Sleep on your silk pillowcase; pull out the nice places; wear your expensive dress to the park. Go do it!

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