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A Guide to Hoop Earrings and How to Wear Them

When looking for the right accessories to wear on any occasion, you can never go wrong with hoop earrings. They’re timeless, classy, and not to mention...

When looking for the right accessories to wear on any occasion, you can never go wrong with hoop earrings. They’re timeless, classy, and not to mention gorgeous. We’ve made a quick guide to help you with this well-loved classic style jewelry.

Why Hoop Earrings?

It’s easy to love hoop earrings for the very simple fact that they’re striking, but we also adore them for several more reasons.

  • They show personality: When someone wears hoop earrings, we can easily see them as strong and empowered because of the jewelry’s bold look. They stand out and give radiance to any get-up.
  • They never go out of style: Aside from being glamorous and eye-catching, hoop earrings never go out of style. They’re great for any occasion, and there are many styles available for whatever look you’re planning to have.

How to Wear Them

Hoop earrings come in different styles and sizes. While all are equally striking, some have more intricate details while others have a minimalist design. So which hoop earrings should you wear and when? Check out this guide on how to wear the different kinds of hoop earrings from Bonito.

Mini Hoops

These Essential Mini Hoops and the Essential Medium Hoops (also sold as a set here) are great for your office look. Hoop earrings used to be seen as unique jewelry only for a date or a party, but times have changed and hoop earrings have become a great statement for work settings as well. Just be sure to pick the right size so they won’t be too loud when in a professional setting. 


If you’re planning to go on a night out after work, try stacking your hoop earrings if you have more than one ear piercing. It’s a fun way to experiment with different sizes in different ear piercings. 

Pearl Hoops

Precious stone hoop earrings are as gorgeous as they sound. These Ocean Hoops are artisan jewelry handcrafted in India. They have delicate gold mini hoops with crushed natural pearls for a gorgeous everyday look. If you’re a fan of natural stone jewelry, we suggest adding the Amazonite Huggies for that additional dash of color.

Unique Hoops

When you have several unique-looking hoop earrings that are anything but boring, make sure you wear them with your minimalist and simple outfit. Earrings like the Picasso hoop earrings, the Rome earrings, and the Jupiter Hoops are great examples of something that add flavor and flair to your minimalist look. They are edgy yet exquisitely elegant. 

Ear Cuffs

If you’re loving the idea of stacking earrings but only have one piercing in each ear, ear cuffs are here to save the day! Just open one up and attach it to your ear lobe (no need for another piercing!) while you have another hoop earring on your first ear piercing. Convenient, right?


Initial Letter Hoops

Charms are the perfect way to express yourself and tend to hold a lot of personal significance. You can tell your own story based on the symbols, gemstones, initials, and personalization you choose for each piece.

Nothing says "personalized" like this pair of Initial Letter Hoops as they add a symbolic touch to any look. All the letters of the alphabet are available either as a single or as a pair, mix and match them your way. 

Tell someone that hoops are in right now and there’s a good chance they’ll tell you that they were never out to begin with. That’s the sign of something truly classic.

Explore all Bonito's jewelry hoop earrings here! 

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